Raccoon River Brewing Company

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200 Tenth Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 362-5222

Raccoon River Brewing Company is located next to the historic Hotel Fort Des Moines on the corner of 10th & Mulberry in downtown Des Moines.

Hours of Operation
Bar: Mon-Thurs:11am-12am; Fri & Sat: 11am-2am
Dining: Mon-Thurs: 11am-10pm; Fri & Sat: 11am-11pm

Raccoon River Brewing Company occupies the historic Clemens Automotive Building, built in 1916 by Ross & Ashton Clemens for their auto dealership. The black and white hexagonal floor tile near the bar marks the original showroom space. An auto-size freight elevator can still be seen at the rear of the brewpub space. The dealership closed in 1928.

Standard Glass & Paint occupied the building until 1979. In 1997, Raccoon River Brewing Company took over the empty first floor space and sparked revitalization on the corner of Tenth & Mulberry in downtown Des Moines.
The Hotel Fort Des Moines bought the Clemens Building in 1980 and began renovation. The massive wooden doors at the entryway and in the rear of the brewpub were salvaged from an historic 1878 era house at 2100 Grand. The bar fronts are fabricated with wainscoting also from the Victorian mansion. The raised dining area features flooring rescued from a 1950’s gymnasium of the Milford Township Community School in Story County, Iowa.

We take “pub-fare” to a new culinary level. Our chefs use fresh ingredients to create entrees suitable for any appetite. Take a look at our thoughtfully prepared sandwiches, salads and entrees by downloading our menus – then visit the brewery to experience our delicious offerings for yourself!

Tallgrass Light
RRBC’s light beer. A high-quality alternative to commercially bought “barley pop.” Based on the original recipe for Tallgrass Gold, Tallgrass Light is made most quaffable by the addition of rice as a fermentable source.

Vanilla Cream Ale
Our alternative to the common raspberry beers brewed at almost every brewpub in the country. Originally brewed on a whim as a light summer specialty brew, popular demand forced us to include the Vanilla Cream Ale in our house beer rotation.
Homestead Red
Rich Malty and sweet… The “less aggressive beer,” this beer is balanced toward a malty sweetness from a generous contribution of crystal malts. If you came in for a Railyard, try a Homestead Red instead.

Bandit IPA
Bandit IPA is our most assertive and most highly hopped ale. Like the sly critter this beer is named for, the Bandit might sneak up on you. This higher gravity beer is brewed paler than many India Pale Ales and is aggressively hopped with centennial and cascade hops.

Stonecutter Stout
Honoring the stone masons who worked on the State Capitol, the Hotel Fort Des Moines, and many of the other historic buildings in Des Moines, the Stonecutter is a complex and satisfying beer. The beer you need when you’re feeling the need for restoration.

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