A fairly loose organization of invested brewers and brewery owners meeting in bars and around picnic tables until 2007, the Iowa Brewers Guild organized its efforts to showcase and improve the quality of Iowa beer, promote communication among the state’s brewers, advocate for the promotion of the local brewing community, and lobby for progressive changes in Iowa laws to benefit the state’s craft brewing industry.


Iowa currently boasts over 60 breweries with another two dozen in the planning stages.

Including breweries-in-planning, the IBG has over 70 brewery members.

A 2015 Iowa Craft Beer Economic Impact Study, funded by the Iowa Wine and Beer Promotion Board, revealed that the Iowa craft brewing industry:

  • supports over 1,500 jobs
  • has a $100 million impact on the economy
  • produced nearly 41,000 barrels of beer in 2014
  • is projected to triple in five years, producing more than 146,000 barrels annually by 2019


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